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Free Banana Flavor Sex Lubricant Products for Men and Women, 30ml

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Fruit Smell Silk Touch Water-based Sex Lubricant Made with Banana Flavor


Hot kiss (banana flavor) can eat lubricant
100% soluble in water, not greasy, not only can you add lubrication love sex, but also in your comfort each other at the same time safe to eat, it will be in a different time and place to meet your requirements for sex any lubrication and Imagination give you unlimited surprises and unexpected meet! Is a rare Need.
Love kiss the body lubrication products, has been a symbol of the body lubrication products of the highest quality guarantee! In the past 30 years, has always been in the industry leadership. With crystal technology called art, high-quality manufacturing processes and innovative high -quality materials for the pursuit of happiness adult customer presents a high-quality adult products. When you are looking for passion, the only choice is the original introduction of Love kiss boutique!
Efficacy: This product can play in the life of an unexpected secondary effects which is the body’s normal secretions and saliva can not match, the FDA in the life process, to burst out of both men and women can induce a strong libido and obtained from the full enjoyment of super era. Also available as husband and wife sex life to achieve synchronization or woman masturbation aids or medical examination lubrication, lubrication during catheter insertion, endoscopes and other instruments into the body dry when checking lubrication.
Dosage: This product will be applied in the amount of sensitive parts of the body, may the meals, non-toxic products with fruit flavors, for touching, flirting Can also be used for routine lubrication intercourse..
Net Content: 30ml / bottle
Ingredients: expensive medicines, water-soluble mucus.
Weight 0.45 lbs

14 reviews for Free Banana Flavor Sex Lubricant Products for Men and Women, 30ml

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