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Love-Kiss Strawberry Flavored Edible Sex Lubricant,50ml

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Hot Love-Kiss Strawberry Flavored Edible Sex Lubricant

Product features:
1. Natural fruit aroma
2.The soft touch of long stay long, can be used with condoms
3.Water soluble formula
4. To provide the best moisturizing intimate moments

This product has three great strengths:

  • 1: it is the strongest on the market. Even a small amount of its viscosity is superior!
  • 2: had the strongest ability long time use, not dry. The strongest
  • 3: very affordable 50 ml containers.

This product can play a supporting role in the life of the unexpected, the effect is the body\’s normal secretion and saliva incomparable, used in the process of the sexual life of this product can promote both men and women burst out strong love, and can obtain ultra era enjoyment from all aspects. It can also be used in the sexual life of husband and wife to achieve synchronization or women masturbation AIDS or medical check lubrication, lubrication of catheter insertion, endoscope inspection instruments into the body dry lubrication.

Love or medical, extrusion paste in the vagina or coated on the male penis, can adjust the dosage according to their own circumstances.

It is entirely suitable for condom

1. The sticky, when using the bottle placed horizontally, exports down, pushing down to overflowing.
2 pay attention to the storage location of direct sunlight.
3. This product for external use, pregnant women, children avoid contact.

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